Basic Manners Class

Basic Manners is our foundation skills class. Basic Manners Class teaches Canine Life and Social Skills including calmly greeting strangers, sit, lie down, come, stay, and walk nicely on a loose leash. Dogs will learn to pay attention to their handlers with the distraction of other dogs in the area. Basic Manners Class is held once a week for three weeks. The fee for Basic Manners is $90.00 for three classes. Classes are held either at the Fairgrounds in Jackson, WY or the Fairgrounds in Driggs, ID. Registration Page shows the class location, dates and time.

Pre-Registration is required for all classes.

Puppy Class

Puppy class is for 10 to 18 weeks old pups. Owners will learn methods for successful housetraining, and teaching pup to keep teeth on their toys and off your arms and hands. Owners will learn how to teach their puppies Basic Manners; sit, lie down, come, and walking nicely on leash. Playtime is a big part of class so your puppy can learn to play well with others. Owners will learn to train their puppies for ease of handling, grooming, and prevention of behavior problems. Puppy Class fee is $90; class is held once a week for three weeks. Puppy Classes are held at one of three locations: Fairgrounds in Jackson, WY, Fairgrounds in Driggs, ID or in Victor, ID. Registration Page shows the class location, dates and time.

Puppy Socialization Outings

The biggest behavioral mental-health program for puppies is early socialization. Done properly, early socialization (before pup is 15 weeks old) helps puppies develop into well-adjusted dogs that remain calm and cool when faced with new experiences. Early socialization eases the stress of new environments or novel situations for adult dogs, and provides your dog the coping skills to deal with unique situations that may arise during your dog’s life. The window for early socialization is only two months! Socialization should continue for the first year of your pup’s life. If time is flying past and your puppy’s socialization has stalled because there is so much to be done when raising a puppy, we’re here to help! We’ll pick up your pup and take your puppy around Jackson Hole to experience all this world has to offer, and of course we’ll be training puppy manners at that same time.

Therapy Dog Foundation Skills

Do you think your dog has the right stuff for therapy work, and do you want to share their sweet nature with others? Therapy dogs bring many benefits to people in different settings. While therapy dogs are born with an easy-going temperament (therapy dogs are born with a great temperament, and not made), they do need to learn basic skills to pass a therapy dog evaluation. We can help you teach your dog the basic skills required to be a therapy dog, determine if your dog would be a good candidate for therapy work, and coach you through the therapy dog evaluation process.

Hunting Dog Training

Do you have a Retriever or Pointer in need of a job? Field Sports for Family Dogs provides the foundation training for all hunting dogs. If you’re not interested in hunting, you can still teach your dog the field skills: heeling, sit /stay with distractions, retrieving, whistle training, and hand signals for direction. Interested in further training? Continue with advanced field skills: desensitizing to shotgun, tracking live birds, and steady to wing and shot. Step by step program can be done at the owner's and pup's pace to prepare your dog for the field.

Behavior Challenges

Some dogs have behavioral challenges not addressed in class; We are available for private training sessions at your home, or in the great outdoors; wherever you and your dog need help, be it coming when called on the trail or a behavior modification plan designed specifically for you and your dog. Typical behavior issues addressed in Private Lessons include aggression towards other dogs or people; guarding of toys, food, or locations; separation anxiety; destructive chewing; stealing from kitchen counters; house training challenges; helping to transition a newly adopted dog; and problems in multiple dog households.

Exercise and Training Outings

Why hire a dog walker when you can send your dog out to be exercised both mentally and physically with a trainer? We can take your dog out for a good romp while teaching and practicing those skills you desire him to have in real world settings, and bring you back a tuckered out pup. To ensure success, these are offered in conjunction with Private Lessons, so dog owners are sure to be on the same page when working with their dog.

Day Training Package

A lot of busy parents and professionals don't have time for puppy socialization outings and / or dog training. We offer Day Training! We pick up your dog (or puppy), exercise and train for an hour, and then bring your pooch home. Day Training Package is three sessions per week (puppy socialization and / or dog training plus exercise) for 3 weeks. We meet at the end of each week for a 30-minute owner’s lesson. Fee for three weeks of Day Training is $1,200 plus driving fees (additional $90 to $360, depending on where you live in Jackson Hole or Teton Valley).

Hounds on the Town

This three week series takes learning out of the classroom and into real life situations. Each week meets in a different outdoor location to work on all the Basic Manners Skills learned in class; paying attention, sit, lie down, stay, loose leash walking, greeting strangers appropriately, and leave it. We will meet in town and on trails. There will be LOTS of distractions, of course! In areas where applicable, class will be conducted off leash so participants can improve their dog's recall. We will also address heeling and start distance work. Prerequisite is Basic Manner Class and / or private training lessons, as well as instructor approval. Call Krissi at 307-739-9185 for additional details and registration information.

Private In-Home Training

Some dogs have one or two areas of training that need fine tuning, and the format of a group class or the schedule does not fit into your plans. We are available for private training sessions at your home, or in the great outdoors; wherever you and your dog need help. Some behavior problems are simply not addressed in a group training class, and a private in-home consultation will create a behavior modification plan designed specifically for you and your dog.

Private training fees are $90 per hour; sessions are generally 1 to 1 ½ hours. An additional Travel Time and Fuel Surcharge Fee is added to the first hour ($10 to $40 depending on your location in the Jackson Hole, WY / Teton Valley, ID area).