Puppy class is for 10 week to 18 week old puppies. The purpose of this class is to provide an opportunity for socialization with other puppies and people, learn how to play nicely with others puppies, and learn how to learn from their owners. Owners will teach their puppies to sit, lie down, come, and walk on leash without pulling. In addition, owners will learn how to teach their puppy proper greetings without jumping, housetraining methods, management techniques to prevent biting and jumping, and methods for teaching puppy about grooming activities like brushing and toenail trimming. Puppies have a “critical socialization period” for learning that lasts until the puppy is approximately 16 weeks of age. During this early learning period, your puppy’s brain is developing, and fear behaviors have not yet developed. Exposure to novel situations and experiences will build neural connections in your puppy’s brain that will affect your dog for a lifetime! Take advantage of these early weeks of education for your puppy.