About Us

Barbara Larkin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), with a Counseling Certificate for Canine Behavior Problems from San Francisco SPCA, and is a Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Barbara has been teaching dog training in the Jackson, WY area since 1989, starting as an assistant with a local training club. After attending an APDT Conference in 1996, Barbara embraced the positive reinforcement techniques promoted by APDT. From 1996 to the present, Barbara’s ongoing education brings the most recent developments in canine learning and behavior to her clients and their dogs. Barbara spends her leisure time exercising and training Penny, the Shelter Labrador Mix, and taking Penny on bird hunting expeditions.

Krissi Goetz is a Full Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, working toward CPDT certification.

In 2004, Krissi helped with the founding of Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, WY, a unique all breed rescue organization. It was here that Krissi first recognized the importance of a dog’s behavior as it relates to adoptability, and set out to learn about the science of behavior and humane training. Subsequently, Krissi joined forces with Jackson Hole Positive Training and founded the Animal Adoption Center’s Training and Behavior Program in 2006. With an unending interest in canine ethology, Krissi continues her dog training education through attendance at annual APDT conferences, classes, seminars, and avid reading to stay up to date on the latest findings in the field of animal learning and behavior. Krissi also gets to study lots of dog behavior in her very own living room! She currently volunteers with Western Border Collie Rescue and has a couple of foster dogs in her home most of the time, in addition to her beloved three rescue dogs and one adopted cat. Krissi handles many private behavior consultations and assists in JHPT’s adult group and puppy classes. In her spare time, she enjoys playing in the mountains with her dogs, dabbles in agility, and has begun herding training with her two most enthusiastic stockdogs…much to the chagrin of the local domestic sheep population.

Training is the best gift you can give your dog. We thank you for the opportunity to teach you how to train your dog using dog-friendly training techniques.

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